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The quest to look more beautiful, the desire to be shapelier, the need to reconstruct a flawed area of the body all can be fulfilled by a cosmetic surgeon.  Cosmetic surgeons offer individuals the opportunity to correct flaws of birth and traumatic events through surgical procedures.

Cosmetic surgeons may correct an ill formed chin, give an individual a more rounded posterior or correct an individual’s balding issues.  Of course cosmetic surgeons are not miracle workers and the individual must have realistic expectations for their cosmetic surgery results.  While the cosmetic surgeon may be able to augment various flaws, the surgeon is unable to turn the individual in to a particular movie star, a magazine cover model or into any other person. 

Before commencing any plastic surgery, the cosmetic surgeon ensures that the individual is emotionally sound and clearly understands the benefits plastic surgery can and can not deliver.  The surgeon reviews the intended procedure with the individual and makes sure that the individual has clear realistic goals and is not in search of unattainable miracles.  Most importantly, the surgeon ascertains that the individual comes to the decision to undergo plastic surgery for themselves-they are not trying to please anyone else. 

The cosmetic surgeon performs many plastic surgery procedures--sometimes several for each part of the body.  Some popular procedures include:
  • Balding issues –For balding issues there are hair transplants. 
  • Face - For facial issues, there are cheek implants, chin implants, face lifts, and lip augmentation to name a few. 
  • Chest - For the chest area there are pectoral implants and breast augmentation. 
  • Stomach - For the stomach there is liposuction and gastroplasty
  • Posterior - For the posterior there is Gluteal augmentation and thighplasty.
  • Leg - For a more shapely leg there are leg lifts and calf augmentation

The list is quite extensive and cosmetic surgeon may even perform a “foot lift”. Obviously no area of the body is incapable of being augmented.

Recovery Period for cosmetic surgery
Because each patient heals differently and because each plastic surgery procedure involves differing steps, the recovery period for plastic surgery can varies from patient to another and is dependent on the surgery or series of surgeries performed. Some procedures, such as Botox injections are very quick and the patient can return to normal activities within days.  Other procedures such as sex change procedures more involved and therefore the patient requires extensive time to recover.  

After performing cosmetic surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will provide the patient with an extensive post surgery care guideline.  The surgeon wants to insure that risks are minimized and that the patient heals efficiently and without complications.

Because all surgery offers the potential for risks, the cosmetic surgeon works very meticulously to avoid or minimize said risks.  Reputable cosmetic surgeons will discuss all potential risks with the patient prior to starting a procedure.  The surgeon will ensure that the patient understands the risks and is comfortable moving forward with the surgery. 

Selecting a Cosmetic Surgeon

It is important that the individual selects his or her cosmetic surgeon very carefully.  Quick advertisements on the internet are not enough to determine a good surgeon. The individual must do extensive research and find out as much as possible about his or her intended cosmetic surgeon.


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