Male to Female Surgery Thailand

Become who you are with Male to female Surgery in Thailand!

There are individuals who are born with male genitals but who identify with the female gender.  These individuals may wish to undergo a male to female surgery.  Thailand surgeons are discreet and can offer these individuals the opportunity to become the person they believe themselves to be.  Thailand offers a confidential and peaceful atmosphere where these individuals can complete the process of becoming who they really are.

Ideal Candidate
Because poor health complicates surgeries, it is imperative that the candidate is of excellent health.  Emotional stability is absolutely essential as the surgery produces drastic physical and emotional changes.  Proof of emotional stability will be required of the candidate. 

The ideal candidate truly believes he or she has been assigned the wrong genitals and wishes to surgical correct this issue through a male to female surgery.  Thailand physicians are highly skilled and have many years of experience performing the male to female procedure.

Before performing a male to female procedure, Thailand surgeons will require proof that the candidate is at least 18 years old.  The surgeon will further require parental permission for individuals who are 18 and 19 year olds.  Additional conditions for surgery require that each candidate exhibit the following disorders:
  • Gender identity disorder – Gender identity disorder should not be confused with homosexuality.  Instead Gender identity disorder occurs in persons who are born with the genitals of one gender but identify with the opposite gender.
  • Gender dysphoria – Individuals who suffer from gender dysphoria are extremely uncomfortable with the gender they have been assigned and identify with the opposite gender
  • Conditions associated to gender disorder including anxiety and depression

Additionally, candidates must have lived as a female for at least one year and must have had at least one year of antiandrogens and hormones.

The Procedure
Prior to the surgery, the patient will be administered a general anesthesia.  The patient will be asleep and will feel no pain.  Sex reassignment is a long major surgery and usually lasts about three hours.  When performing a male to female surgery, Thailand surgeons, remove the testicles and invert the skin of the foreskin and penis.  The surgeon creates a vaginal pouch complete with sensations and a hooded clitoris. 

A strict cleaning and activity regiment will be given to patient.  The patient must follow this regiment exactly in order to heal properly.  Staff nurses will teach the patient how to care for her new vagina including douching procedures.

The patient will be advised to refrain from strenuous activity for some time after the surgery.  Sutures are self dissolving and will be gone within eight weeks.  Physical activities should be limited for the first six weeks and the patient can return to normal activities approximately twelve weeks after the surgery

The patient should note that the body will treat the newly formed vagina as a wound and will thus attempt to “heal the wound” by sealing it.  For this reason, the patient will be required to wear a dildo for some portions of each day.  Once the wound is completely healed, approximately six weeks after the surgery, the patient may engage in sexual activity as a way to keep the vaginal pouch permanently open and prevent the body from sealing it.


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