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Become your true self with Female to Male Surgery.  Thailand offers discreet services.

There are individuals who were born with the genitals of one gender but who identify with the opposite gender.  These individuals are extremely uncomfortable with their genitals and the persuasion typically attributed to individuals with the genitals they were born with.  These individuals suffer from gender dysphoria and truly believe that they were assigned the wrong gender.  Individuals born with female genitals who suffer from gender dysphoria may choose to have their situation remedied by having a female to male surgery.  Thailand surgeons have performed this procedure successfully and are ready to offer their services.

Ideal Candidate
Because poor health complicates surgery, the ideal candidate is in excellent health.  Emotional stability ensures that the candidate is aptly able to cope with the dramatic changes that the female to male surgery will achieve.  For this reason, it is imperative that the candidate is emotionally stable before undergoing female to male surgery.  Thailand surgeons will require proof of good health and emotional stability.  The ideal candidate is physically and emotionally stable. 

Individuals suffering from gender identity disorder or from gender dysphoria and were born with female genitals are ideal candidates for a female to male surgery.  Thailand surgeons will provide this surgery skillfully while being attentive to the unique needs of the individual.

The candidate must be at least 18 years old and parental permission is required for 18 and 19 year olds.  Candidates meeting the following disorders are accepted for the surgery:
  • Gender identity disorder Gender identity disorder occurs in individuals who are born with the genitals of one gender but identify with the opposite gender. It should not be confused with homosexuality.
  • Gender dysphoria – Individuals with who suffer from gender dysphoria are extremely uncomfortable with the gender they have been assigned and identify with the opposite gender.
  • Conditions associated to gender disorder including anxiety and depression.

It is also important that the candidate live as a male for at least one year prior to the surgery.  This helps the individual adjust to living as a male in his environment and helps to seal his commitment to being a male.  The candidate must also have had at least one year of hormones prior to the surgery.

The Procedure
The female to male transformation occurs in three major stages which require admission to the hospital.  The Stages are as follows:
Stage 1 requires six overnight stays in the hospital.  During this stage the breast is reduced (subcutaneous mastectomy) and the uterus and ovaries are removed (hysterectomy).
Stage 2 requires seven overnight stays in the hospital.  During Stage 2, the vaginal is closed and the urethra is lengthened.
Stage 3 requires 14 overnight stays in the hospital.  An additional three nights are required if penile implant surgery is performed.  During Stage 3, the male genital organ is created and the penile implant with groin surgery is performed.

Infections, bleeding, and pain after the surgery, can occur in any surgery and is therefore a potential risk for female to Male surgery.  Thailand surgeons will take every precaution to minimize risks to the patient.

Some patients experience penile dysfunction.  It should be noted that penile transplantation is extremely difficult and although extremely skilled in this procedure, Thailand surgeons will discuss these risks with the individual. 

The female to male surgery is irreversible so the patient must be absolutely certain and unquestionable committed to the change he is about to achieve. 


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