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With each passing year, more individuals are opting for cosmetic surgery.  With medical cost sky rocketing in their home countries, international travelers are opting to visit Thailand for their cosmetic surgery needs.  One article reported that hospitals in Thailand are like five star hotels, boasting amenities such as gourmet meals and marble bathrooms.  Americans in particular flock to hospitals in Thailand to not only receive care at a low cost; they also enjoy excellent customer service in Thailand.

Reportedly, two of the best palstic surgery hospitals in Thailand are Yanhee International Hospital and Phuket International Hospital.  Both of these hospitals are world class hospitals with strong reputations for providing quality care and for providing excellent customer service to foreigners from every country on the globe.

Being the medical tourism capital of the world, Thailand offers a plethora of hospitals for the medical traveler.  An extensive list of hospitals with their associated websites follows.

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