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Using Facial Implants, Thailand surgeons help you achieve a balanced look!

One would be hard pressed to find an individual who does not long to be attractive or who does not wish to correct some feature on their face.  Through the use of facial implants, Thailand surgeons can help improve the facial structure given the individual a more balance and hence a more attractive look.  Thailand surgeons insert facial implants to add balance to the patients face.  Areas such as the chin, cheeks, and nose are augmented, reconstructed or rejuvenated, giving the individual the youthful and beautiful face he or she desires.

Facial augmentations can be done alone but are sometimes done in combination with other augmentations such a neck lift or a chin implant.  It is not uncommon for an individual to have several procedures done with their facial implant.  Thailand surgeons guide the patient every step of the way, offering suggestions that would lead to the best outcome. 

Because solid silicone is pliable, non-porous and readily available, it is the material of choice for facial implants.  Other facial implant materials include other synthetic materials and autologous materials.  When inserting facial implants, Thailand surgeons prefer non-porous materials because this type of material will not merge with the facial tissue and are easier to remove should removal become necessary.  Autologous material is also preferred because when this type of material used, infections are likely to occur.

Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidate for a facial implant typically wishes to correct a perceived flaw in the face.  Some candidates want to reconstruct a nose that is too flat or fix a chin that is too narrow.  Some candidates may which to correct an issue caused by a prior surgery as in the case of an implant that was removed due to an infection in the augmented areas.  Some candidates may wish to correct a defect cause by birth or a distortion caused by a traumatic event such as a vehicle accident.  What ever the reason, the individual must be healthy.  Healthy individuals are able to fight off infections which could complicate the surgery.

The Procedure
When they insert a facial implant, Thailand surgeons place a small incision in the area and create a snug pocket for the implant.  The implant is inserted in the pocket and the incision is sutured.  The surgeon makes every attempt to ensure that there is no scarring but if there is a scar, it will most likely be extremely small and in a discreet area. 

Facial augmentations are typical short procedures lasting no more than 2 hours.  If not self-dissolvable, stitches are removed within two weeks.  The procedure is not considered major surgery and is typically done in the surgeon’s office. 

Recovery Period
After completion of a facial implant, Thailand surgeons typically advise their patients to elevate the area that was augmented.  Elevation of the augmented area helps to reduce swelling.  The surgeon may prescribe an antibiotic as a proactive measure against infections.  Pain meds may also be prescribed. 

The patient can expect to return to work within a week and some patients are able to return to normal activities in one day.  Recovery period is of course dependent on the procedures performed. 

Facial augmentation is not void of risks but the surgeon will take all necessary precaution to minimize or eliminate risks.  It is imperative that the patient follows the surgeon’s directions to ensure proper healing and avoid risks.

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