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An individual may have an otherwise attractive facial appearance except perhaps there is loose or sagging skin around the eyes or bags under the eyes or fat deposits on the eyelids causing the face to look tired and alert.  The individual may choose to correct these issues with eyelid surgery.  Thailand surgeons can correct old and tired looking eyes and make the face look more alert and youthful. 

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that improves the lower eyelids, upper eyelids, or both.  Usually after blepharoplasty, the area around the eyes looks rejuvenated and the individual looks alert and more rested.

Ideal Candidate
Typically, candidates for are over 35 years old; however, individuals younger than 35 years old may opt for eyelid surgery.  Thailand surgeons require that the candidate is at least 18 years old.  Blepharoplasty is a minor surgery but it is still important that the patient is healthy.  Poor health can cause complications for any surgery. 

Realistic expectations are absolutely vital to the patient’s success and it is therefore important that candidate understands exactly what area eyelid surgery helps.  Eyelid surgery helps the signs of an aging eye such as droopiness, puffiness, and sagging.  The surgery is does not remove wrinkles, crows feet or erase dark circles from the eye.

The Procedure
Before performing eyelid surgery, Thailand surgeons will have an anesthetist administer a general anesthesia.  Some surgeons may opt for intravenous sedation instead.  The surgeon will work closely with the patient to ensure that the best option for the case is selected.

Incision placement is dependent on what is being augmented.  If droopiness is being corrected, the surgeon may place the incision within the natural crease of the upper eye lid.  Lower eyelid issues may be corrected with an incision inside the lower eyelid.  After the incision is made, excess skin and fat is removed, the muscle and tissue are tightened where required and fat is repositioned.

Recovery Period
After an eyelid surgery, Thailand surgeons may lubricate the area with ointment and may apply cold compress.  The surgeon will sometimes apply loose bandages.  The surgeon will most likely prescribe and antibiotic to prevent infections and the surgeon may also prescribe pain medications. 

The patient can expect some discomforts such as eye dryness, swelling and bruising. The prescribed medications and cold compress should help to alleviate these issues.  The surgeon will give the patient directions for taking care of the augmented area and the patient should follow these instructions carefully.

It will take several weeks for the incision to minimize but final healing will not be complete until about one year.  Although the results of eyelid surgery are long lasting, the patient should be aware that he or she will continue to age.

Before performing eyelid surgery, Thailand surgeons will review the potential risks with the patient.  Surgeons work tirelessly to minimize risks but the potential for risks remains.  Some of the risks include infections, dry eyes, difficulty closing the eyes, and lid lag.  The surgeon will discuss all potential risks in further details.

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