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You restore facial balance with Chin Implants, Thailand restores peace of mind.

There are individuals who seem to have an unbalanced face.  Something about these individuals faces make their faces seem unbalanced.  Perhaps the nose looks too big for the face or maybe the neck looks thicker than it should be.  More often than not, the issue is neither the nose nor the neck.  Often times, the issue is that the chin is either receding or too narrow.  A less than perfect face will often throw the face off and make it seem unbalanced.  These individuals may decide to balance their faces with chin implants.  Thailand surgeons are just the surgeons who understand this enigma. 

Ideal Candidate
Because poor health can severely impact a surgery, candidates for chin plant surgery should be in good health.  Infections are a risk in all surgeries including chin implant surgery; and, a person with a healthy immune system has a lower chance of developing an infection and a better chance of fighting off infections.  

It is also important that the candidate for chin implant surgery has teeth and jaw that operates appropriately.  If the individual has teeth and jaw that are not functioning well, this may complicate the surgery. 

Additionally, excellent candidates for chin augmentation may have had soft tissue fillers and enjoyed the results.  These individuals are pleased with their newly formed chin and want to make the results permanent by inserting chin implants.  Thailand surgeons can offer the skill required to successfully complete a successful chin augmentation.

The Procedure
The professional term for a chin implant surgery Mentoplasty.  Mentoplasty involves inserting a silicone implant into a snug fitting pocket that was created by placing a small incision under the chin.  Sometimes the surgeon may choose to suture the implant to the tissue or clamp it to the chin bone. 

Performed alone a chin implant surgery can last approximately 40 to 45e minutes.  If other procedures are done in combination with the chin augmentation, the procedure time is lengthened.  After a chin implant, Thailand surgeons allow their patients to return to the comfort of their homes within an hour of the surgery. 

Recovery Period
After the surgery, the patient will most likely experience some soreness and tightness in the area augmented.  Since severe pain is uncommon, the patient should contact his or her surgeon immediately if he or she experiences severe pain. 

Bandages are removed within two days after the surgery and the patient can participate in light activities.  For most patients there is no sign of scarring while for others a small scar is formed.  The individual’s healing process will determine whether or not he or she will scar.  If there is any swelling, it will most likely be resolved within two weeks.

The recovery period is very short and eventless for a chin implant; Thailand physicians will however prescribe pain medications and antibiotics if needed.

Risks are possible with all surgeries and it is no different for chin implants.  Thailand physicians are very conscientious in eliminating or minimizing risks. The patient may experience some minor soreness and chin may be swollen.  Some patients notice a change in sensation in the augmented areas.  This change could be temporary or permanent. 

Sometimes the implant may shift. To prevent shifting, the patient may be asked to refrain from touching the area.  The patient may also be asked to limit athletic activities until the augmented area is thoroughly healed.   In the rare event that an infection develops, the surgeon will remove the chin implant and replace it when the infection is healed.


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