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Malar Augmentation is more commonly known as cheek augmentation.  Cheek augmentation uses cheek implants to lift the cheek and make the cheek bones look as though the facial structure is more evenly formed.  A person may choose to augment their cheeks for a variety of reasons including flaws caused by accidents or by birth.  By inserting cheek implants, Thailand surgeons restore or give the individual a more balanced facial structure.

There is no question that well formed cheeks make an individual look more attractive.  An attractive cheek structure exudes youth and beauty.  Some persons are born with a beautiful cheek structure and a striking appearance; but, not everyone is lucky enough to have been gifted with good-looking features.  For the individual who was not born with the perfect cheek structure, he or she can achieve the attractive cheek formation he or she desires by inserting cheek implants.  Thailand surgeons have extensive experience performing Malar Augmentation and can help augment the individuals face for a more balanced and attractive appearance.

Malar augmentation involves lifting the cheeks and inserting cheek implants.  Thailand surgeons may use fat and other fillers but the implant of choice is usually solid silicone.  Solid silicone is non-reactive and can be removed if the patient wishes.  For this reason, solid silicone is used more often than other fillers.  Other fillers typically encourage tissue to merge with the implant making the implant difficult to remove later on. 

Individual features come in all shapes and sizes and so does cheek implants.  Thailand surgeons carefully select the best size and shape to fit the individual’s face.  The surgeon my choose to insert the implant either laterally or frontally—depending on the look the person is trying to achieve.  Cheek augmentation includes autologous tissue grafting, bone grafting, autologous fat grafting, tissue grafting and cadaveric bone grafting.

There are many strategies used when inserting cheek implants.  Thailand surgeons are skilled in the various strategies used and can use any of the several materials commonly used.  The material of choice, however, is solid silicone.  Solid silicone is non-porous and will not merge with the tissue.  When an implant merges with the tissue, the merged implant and tissue become difficult to separate and thus the surgeon may be unable to remove the implant at a later date.   The materials used in cheek implants are:  solid silicone, polyethylene, expanded polytetrafluoroethylene and acellular dermal matrix—acellular dermal matrix is made from human tissue.

Incisions for cheek augmentations are typically placed in the mouth.  When inserting cheek implants, Thailand surgeons use a strategy of placing the incisions in the mouth thereby efficiently hiding any scars.  After the incision is made the implant is placed either on top of the cheekbone or is attached to the cheekbone with sutures and screws. The actual procedure last for about one hour and is a very quick procedure. 

When compared to other cosmetic surgeries, cheek augmentation presents the least amount of risk.  The individual may experience some scarring, bruising or loss of sensation in the area.  These risks are a possibility after any surgery.  Because the highest risk of a cheek augmentation is patient satisfaction, the surgeon will work very closely with the patient ensuring that he or she understands the patient’s desires.  An additional risk is that a second augmentation may be required if the implant moved, or if the individual contracted an infection.


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