Breast Reduction Thailand

Through Breast Reduction, Thailand Surgeons help relieve many body aches

Reduction mammoplasty is a surgery that reduces the size of the breast through and is also known as breast reduction.  Thailand surgeons offer reduction mammoplasty as a solution to women who suffer from aches due to overly large breast.  Breast reduction can help a woman gain a better posture, increase self confidence, relieve aches in the neck and shoulder, and even alleviate headaches.

While there are some women who choose to augment their breast for purely cosmetic reasons, there are women who experience various aches and pain because their breasts are too large.  Some women experience shoulder and neck pains and other women experience headaches and bra burns.  Still other women experience a combination of aches and are extremely uncomfortable because of the size of their breasts.  Additionally, overly large breast may have poor posture which leads to tingling and numbness in the hands and sometimes a poor self image. 

Ideal Candidate
The ideal breast reduction candidate has breast that are fully developed and these candidates have reached the age of majority—18 in most areas.  Typically, the breast reduction candidate undergoes the surgery because their overly large breasts are preventing the candidate from participating in regular daily activities that other women may take for granted. 

For some candidates, their very large breasts cause extreme pain and discomfort in other areas of the body such as the neck, shoulder and head. Additionally, some women with overly large breast may have a low self esteem because they are embarrassed by the size of their breast.

The ideal candidate for breast reduction is typically not planning to eventually breast feed.  Because the milk ducts are removed during breast reduction, Thailand surgeons will typically advised women who are considering breast feeding put off breast reduction until after the breast feeding stage has passed.

The Procedure
Before a commencing a breast reduction, Thailand surgeons will typically administer a general anesthesia, in which case the patient is asleep and feels no pain during the entire process.  Some surgeons prefer to administer a local anesthesia with a sedative.  The local anesthesia numbs only the area that is being augmented and the sedative relaxes the patient. 

When they perform a breast reduction, Thailand surgeons typically choose one of three procedures:  the anchor method, the LeJour Technique or the scar less breast reduction surgery.  The selected method will depend on patient’s case as each option has its merits.  For example, the LeJour Technique tends to last longer and the scar less technique uses liposuction.

During breast reduction, Thailand surgeons remove excess tissue and skin and reposition the areolas and nipples.  The surgery can be very long lasting up to three hours.  If the surgery is combined with other procedures, as it often is, the combined surgery can last even longer. 

Recovery Period
Given that reduction mammoplasty is a lengthy and major surgery, the patient should expect that recovery will be lengthy.  The bruising and swelling that appears after the surgery will be gone within a few weeks.  After they have completed a breast reduction, Thailand surgeons will typically placed the patient in a surgical bra.  A surgical bra is placed over the bandage and supports the augmented breast and protects the augmented area. 

In about two weeks after the surgery, the stitches will be removed but the patient will be required to continue wearing the surgical bra. The patient will be advised to avoid participating in extraneous activities and lifting heavy objects.  The patient will also have to avoid sexual activities because these activities may cause inflammation in the sutured area.  After breast reduction, Thailand surgeons encourage their patients to treat their breasts gently for up to six weeks post surgery.  While the patient may be able to return to work within two weeks after the surgery, complete recovery could take as much as a full year.

The risks for breast reduction surgery include:
  • Surgery in general infections, bleeding
  • Anesthesia medical reactions, heart and breathing problems, pneumonia
  • Nipple lost of feeling in the area, uneven positioning.
  • Scars scars are permanent (physician will place incisions in a discreet area).

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