Breast Lift Thailand

Improve your figure with a Breast Lift! Thailand is just the place to do so.

For a woman, her breasts are a center of nurture and an area of sensuality.  Well formed breast are a sign of good health and youth.  As a woman ages, her breast looses some of its elasticity and sags downward.  Additionally, if the woman was pregnant and especially if she breast fed, her breast will loose some firmness causing the woman to look less healthy and feel less sensual.

To regain the look of youth a woman can make her breast look more firm with a breast lift.  Thailand presents an opportune place to return to youth both in body and spirit.  In Thailand, the woman can enjoy a restful vacation after her very capable surgeon has lifted her breast giving her the youthful profile she always wanted.

Ideal Candidate
While a woman of any age may have a breast lift, Thailand surgeons prefer that women wait until they have reached at least 18 years because at this age the breast is fully developed.  Although pregnancy offers a reason to have breast lifts, women may choose to have a breast lift even before a pregnancy—particularly since the milk ducts are left intact and no issues are presented for later breast feeding.

Women who are contemplating breast lifts should be healthy but have breasts that are no longer perky and are soft and whose nipples no longer point outwards.  Since the breast lift does not increase the size of the breast, candidates for breast lifts should be satisfied with the size of their breast.  Breast lifts are also an option for women who may have one breast that is still perky while the other is sagging and no longer pointing outward.

Initial Consultation
Prior to performing a breast lift, Thailand surgeons will meet with their patients to discuss the procedure and the woman’s expectations.  This initial meeting is the ideal time for the woman to voice any concerns she may have.  The surgeon will take pictures of the woman’s breast and he will determine if her expectations can be accomplished. 

The surgeon and the woman will review the woman’s medical history so that the surgeon can determine if there are any issues that may present complications during or after the surgery.  If the woman has had recent fluctuations in her weight, she may be asked to wait until her weight becomes more constant before she proceeds with the surgery. 

The Procedure
Prior to the actual surgery, either a general anesthesia or a local anesthesia with a sedative is administered.  The surgeon may then opt for one of three incision types.  He may choose to incise around the areolas; or, around the areolas and down to the crease of the breast; or, around the areolas, down to the crease both vertically and horizontally across the crease.  After the incision of choice, the surgeon will lift and reshape the breast.  The areolas and nipples will be repositioned and any excess skin will be removed.  Stitches will be layered within the breast tissue to give more support to the breast.  The incisions are closed with sutures, tape and adhesives.

Recovery Period
Breast lifts are extremely individualized and so to is the recovery period.  The length of recovery is dependent on the individual and on the complexity of the surgery.  A temporary loss of feeling in the nipple and areolas may present but this is usually resolved in a few weeks.  Most women return to work within seven days and are usually able to return to normal physical activities within two weeks.


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