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You lift your posture with breast implants! Thailand lifts your spirit!
One of the more sought after cosmetic surgery procedures is the insertion of breast implants.  Thailand offers qualified surgeons who are highly skilled in breast augmentation and various types of cosmetic surgery.  Having breasts that are well balance, perfectly size and perky gives women helps a woman with her posture and builds self esteem and improves confidence in the woman. 

Having not so perfect breast may make a woman feel self conscious and hence yearn for the opportunity to correct what she feels is not perfect about herself.  Some women have breast that never developed proportionately to their body and other women have breasts that are not equal in size and shape.  Additionally, there are women who suffered a traumatic event that requires breast reconstruction with breast implants.   Thailand surgeons are sensitive to the needs of women wanting to augment their breast and are experts at performing augmentation procedures.

Once the decision is made to augment the breasts, the woman then has the option of selecting from the various types of breast implants.  Thailand surgeons will work with the woman to help her make the best choice in selecting the type of implant that will give her the desired result.  Breast implants can be smooth or textured, round or contoured. 

Smooth Breast Implant
For the woman most concerned with having realistic feeling breasts, smooth breast implants may be her best choice.  Smooth breast implants have a thin shell and are available in round shapes.  Because of the natural feel of these breast implants, Thailand surgeons and their patients typically prefer these implants to other implants.

Because smooth breast implants may move in the pouch that is created for them, surgeons ensure that the implant pocket is very snug fitting. When the implant is snug in the pocket moving is less likely. An unfortunate drawback to smooth breast implants is that they may cause the breast to harden at the implant area.  The hardening of the breast is termed capsular contracture.

Textured Breast Implant
Textured breast implants were produced to combat capsular contracture events.  Since the outer shell of the textured breast implants is formed such that the breast tissue merges with the implant, the implant is less likely to move.  Displacement of textured breast implants is extremely unlikely; however, this type of implant has been known to ripple and leak.

Round Breast Implants
Women who choose to undergo breast augmentation may choose either contoured or round breast implants.  Thailand surgeons are with the women every step of the way to ensure she makes a selection that is right for her and produces the desired results. The choice of round or contoured is dependent on the woman’s physique and the final look the woman would like her body to have.
Additionally, when selecting breast implants, Thailand physicians consider the amount of breast tissue the woman has prior to her surgery.  The type of incision and where the implant will be placed will also weigh in on the surgeon’s advice.  

Contoured Breast Implant
Contoured breast implants are shaped like tear drops and are therefore dubbed “tear drop breast implants.”  So as to avoid rotation, this type of breast implant is formed with a textured surface only. While round breast have a natural feel, contoured breast implants gives the new breast a natural look.  This type of breast implant is typically more expensive than round breast implants but are often selected by women hoping to pull off a more natural look.

Placement of Implants

When inserting breast implants, Thailand surgeons select one of three options:  Over the muscle, partially sub muscular or completely sub muscular.  When an implant is placed behind the breast tissue and in front of the muscle, it is said to be over the muscle; when the implant is positioned under the top of the chest muscle it is partially sub muscular; and when the implant is place totally behind the chest muscle, it is a complete sub muscular placement.

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