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Eliminate persistent bulge with a Tummy Tuck! Thailand Surgeons are experts.

There are times when even the most disciplined individual who exercises consistently and eats appropriately may not be able to achieve the well toned stomach he or she may desire.  For this reason, individuals may choose to have a tummy tuck.  Thailand surgeons have performed many tummy tucks are extremely versed in the many forms of cosmetic surgery.

A tummy tuck or an abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes fat and excess skin.  The tummy tuck is gives the individual a smooth and firm looking abdominal profile.

Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidate for a tummy tuck is in relatively good physical shape.  The candidate may have maintained physical tone through exercise but has been unsuccessful in flattening the stomach area.  Women who have been pregnant may find it difficult to return their stomachs to the flat shape they had pre-pregnancy because the skin and muscle have stretched too far. 

Another excellent candidate is the individual who has lost a large amount of weight—whether through diet and exercise or via a gastric bypass.  These individuals may have excess skin in the abdominal area and wish to have it removed.  Older persons are also good candidates for a tummy tuck because with age, the skin tends to loose its elasticity or sag.

The Procedure
Prior to the actual tummy tuck, Thailand surgeons may choose to have a general anesthesia administered.  Sometimes an intravenous sedation is used instead.  The surgeon will help the patient decide which option is best.

When performing the tummy tuck, Thailand surgeons place a horizontal incision at the bottom of the stomach near the pubic hair line.  The surgeon will use sutures to fix weakened muscles and remove excess fat.  If skin needs to be removed from the upper stomach, a second incision is placed, this time around the navel.  After the tissue is repaired and the extra skin is removed, the surgeon seals the incisions with sutures, tape and or adhesives.

Recovery Period
After the tummy tuck, Thailand surgeons will typically wrap the area in bandages to support the abdomen and retard swelling.  Drains may be inserted to drain excess blood or fluids that may collect.  The surgeon will give the patient specific instructions regarding the care of the area and may prescribe antibiotic and pain medications. 

If the surgery was extensive, the patient may be kept in the hospital for a few days; otherwise, the patient is released a few hours after the surgery.  Whether released in a few hours or a few days, the patient should arrange for someone to assist with their day to day activities.

After a tummy tuck, Thailand surgeons will go over the lists of potential risks.  The surgeons work to minimize risks but the patient must be aware that they exist.  Some of the possible risks include:  infection, adverse reaction to anesthesia.  The surgeon will discuss these risks and each of the other risks in detail with the patient.  Additionally, the surgeon will give the patient specific directions for caring for themselves after the surgery.  It is important that the patient follows the surgeons’ direction to ensure proper healing and to ensure that risks are minimized. 

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