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We are all people, whether women or men have different desires to look shape And a great personality, attracting glory and do surgery and beauty treatment. Under the supervision of a medical specialist. Bring attractive strengthening the impression that the witness And resolve defects are inborn. It also helps build a good relationship to people in society. This will lead to success in your firm and in everyday life.

Yanhee Hospital is the hospital for surgery and beauty in the forefront of Asia more than 21 years of specialist medical teams were care more than 106 persons by the medical expert beauty than 50 people in yanhee hospital. The aesthetic surgery center are now integrated services such as:


Weight Loss Center : A treatment center for people who have much excess weight. And can cause complications as others. Through medical treatment centers are waiting for instructions on how to lose weight properly. Not cause a health hazard. The only weight loss drugs and weight Ya ด modern medicine and a herbal diet. People want to have a slim shape without excess. With the weight correctly. The Yan Hee Hospital. The doctors who specialize in drug care about standards. Which experienced more than 210 years of 80 persons and exam rooms to accommodate up to 80 rooms and use drugs to lose weight effectively and safely. Should be in the care of specialists.

Plastic Surgery Center : Plastic Surgery Center is fully integrated. The open cover beauty treatment across body To provide the service has improved retouch Or alter the appearance of defects that are unhappy to see the good or beautiful as the desire of the medical center is the only decoration. The expertise and experience. Surgery therapy skills to 12 your time is all plastic surgery doctor. Member Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Thailand Plastic Surgery Center Hospital Yanhe. Has 11 big rooms, operating rooms, 20 rooms with a small surgical tools, medical and everything modern.

Skin and beauty centers : The center provides treatment for about pimples and freckles with laser cellulite removal. Slimming With the Shape Master, skin resurfacing with MD, pale face is clear, Phono - Ionto and maintain the beauty By the time eight medical professional check your rooms 8 rooms with modern technology such as the Room Service.

Center Obstetrics - Gynecology for beauty : Center is one of readiness in providing treatment for women with problems of Obstetrics - Gynecology. Including services furnished for beauty and proportion of the hidden webcam dressing such as small (LABIA MINOR), and Repair, surgical lift for your uterus, etc. Women, whose have the problem can be solved by the 4 persons for medical specialty of obstetrics - gynecology such as decorated for beauty and proportion of the female organ.

Varicose Vein Center and hair removal : Smooth skin is all you desire. The hospital has opened Varicose Vein Removal and more. In the treatment of Varicose Vein. Provides treatment by injection or saline So beautiful slender legs and calves more attractive not to waste time shaving. Varicose Vein Center and hair removal. Yan Hee Hospital. Medical center has 30 rooms you have a Treatment room of a small surgical room injection Varicose Vein Male Female Room 7 (for OBSERVE) 3 Rooms EXCISION 1 room if you are looking for alternatives. Yan Hee Hospital. Medical innovations have advanced to the treatment. For armpit hair removal by laser and the second side is only half an hour. And takes about 1-2 hours with the firing power.

Ear - Nose - Throat / modulate Zero to treatment and fix : About ear - neck - nose become a barrier to daily life, such as asthma, allergies, etc. so you can have healthy physical health. In addition, the center. Also open for treating snoring. It is a big problem Another problem that may disturb people around you and have led to health problems. The young lady that you type two or strident bass. Sound barriers are not an issue with you anymore. Because the hospital Yanhe. Offer surgery to change from male to female voice. Edit or bass sound harsh to bombastic symphonic listening by the medical center will have a team specialized ear - neck - nose of three persons to serve. With modern medical technology.

Hair Transplant Center : Open real growing hair which can solve the problem permanently bald. Make you come back with bushy black hair the same. Lets have a good personality with full confidence without feeling any anxiety. With modern medical technology. The growing hair is the simple painless, safe and affordable to think the center has medical hair transplant specialty to serve the 2 exam rooms, Treatment 1 room operating room each room was included advance medical equipments for the heavy black hair and your great personality.

Tattoo treatment center for beauty : Tattooing for beauty treatment is the science of tattooing used for such a beautiful tattoo scar from fire Lift from the lesion. Tattoo pink lips and nipples, etc. by Yanhee hospital technique was used with a tattoo of technology and security from the United States to the treatment a beauty and a tattoo. Under the supervision of medical specialty experts directly. You can be assured of safety can consult at medical center at yanhee hospital.


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